JMcloud is a Secure Open VPN and SSL based solution that allows to remotely manage Industrial installation in an easy and yet extremely safe manner, avoiding expensive interventions on site. Simply by entering the credentials of the JMcloud portal, you have direct access to the system and you will be able to perform maintenance and upgrade, using the JMobile platform.

After activating the secure VPN communication to the panel you can reach all the devices connected to the network, such as PLCs, inverters and I / O and you can manage and configure them via proprietary software.

JMobile client and JM4Web, integral parts of the JMobile platform, allow you to view the user interface through both desktop and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), providing a full monitoring and preventive maintenance service. JMcloud components:

JMcloud server is the heart of the whole infrastructure. It stores all the confi guration data, the access policies, and keeps track of the connections to the endpoints (HMI and PLC).

  • All in One Solution
  • Easily Connects to applications
  • Private cloud support
  • Efficient server-based Connection with Devices
  • Based on openVPN for Security and Transparency
  • Option for Web Access from Mobile Devices
  • Full Remote Control of PLC, HMI
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Direct Web Access

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